Eight simple but effective tips to save water

Almost 97% of the planet’s water is from the sea, impossible to use for human consumption. A good part of the drinking water that remains is in the polar ice caps and only the little that remains in other bodies of water is what is available to be used by all species. However, it is becoming more and more polluted.

Measures to prevent air pollution in cities

Air pollution is a problem that affects all human beings, especially those who live in cities since it is where the most pollution is concentrated. In some countries, there are even days when it is recommended not to go outside due to rising pollution levels.

Both governments and citizens can carry out various measures to prevent air pollution in cities. Although they involve a change in our habits, we must be aware of the importance of taking care of our planet and our health in order to act quickly. You can ride the bmx bike for 6ft tall.

Cycling vs. Walking: Which Is the Better?

Measures to prevent air pollution in cities

When you ask a person what the better exercise is, they will always recommend cycling. But, there are some who think that walking is the best exercise and some who prefer the other way round. But, I am here to tell you that both are equally good. Let’s understand them first.

When you think about it, cycling and walking are the best exercises. Both of these exercises are similar in the sense that they keep your heart rate going high, they build muscles, and they help burn fat.

But, if you look at it carefully, then you’ll realize that there are some differences between cycling and walking. You may also like to read https://greatestjournal.com/how-do-i-know-if-my-bike-chain-needs-oil/

In cycling, you use a lot of oxygen, you get stronger muscles, and your heart beats faster.

When you do walk, you use less oxygen, and your muscles become weaker. However, your heart beats slower and you get less strength.

So, in order to get the maximum benefits of both, you should try to combine both exercises. That means you should do cycling and then switch to walking.

You can start walking for a few minutes and then cycle for half an hour. So, you will combine the advantages of both exercises, and you’ll get the best results.

If you are planning to get fit, then it is important for you to choose the right kind of exercise. This way, you’ll be able to achieve your goal.

So, what is the best exercise for you? To know the answer to this, it is important for you to follow some tips.

First of all, you should know about the intensity of the exercise. So, you need to be conscious of how hard you are working.

Then, you need to know what kind of muscles you are building. Are they strong and fit, or are they weak and unfit?

Also, you should understand the type of exercise you want to do. For example, do you want to lose weight, or do you want to gain strength?

Now, there are two types of exercises:

The first one is aerobic exercise, which is good for weight loss.

The second is anaerobic exercise, which is good for gaining strength.

As far as weight loss is concerned, you can do aerobic exercises such as running, walking, jogging, swimming, and cycling.

If you want to build strength, then you can do anaerobic exercises like weight lifting, push-ups, squats, and lunges.

As you can see, there are some exercises that work for weight loss, and there are some others that work for strength.

So, you need to choose the right exercise for yourself, and you need to stick to it. If you don’t, then you might end up with a problem.

And you should not forget that the most important thing in this exercise is that you need to make sure that you stay motivated.

You should also make sure that you do the right kind of exercise for the right reason. If you do a bad workout, then you’ll feel tired, and you’ll lose your motivation.

Therefore, you should only do an exercise that you really like and enjoy.

Go to work by bike or walk

The first of the measures is one of the most difficult for many people, but it is the most necessary. We must stop going to work by car or motorcycle since non-electric vehicles are one of the biggest polluters in cities.

If you have to move within your own city, it is advisable to go on foot or by bicycle. In case your job is a bit far away, your best option will be the electric bicycle. You will avoid fatigue and sweat and thanks to the fact that cities are increasingly equipped with more bike lanes, you will be able to move safely.

If the workplace is far away, use public transport

There are cases where it is understandable that you cannot use a bicycle to go to work, for example, if you live in a neighboring city or town. In these cases, the best alternative to a car or motorcycle is public transport, such as the metro, train, or bus.

In this sense, local governments also play an important role since they must be in charge of improving the frequency of transport and betting on electric technologies and lower consumption. For example, biogas is a good alternative for buses.

Traffic restriction

In relation to the previous measure, if it is not possible to solve the use of the car in some cases, the circulation of vehicles in which only one person travels should be restricted.

In conclusion, 

There are many different factors that can influence how much energy you expend on a given day. Some of these include age, gender, and even the weather. However, some of the most important factors include the type of exercise you are performing and the duration of the workout. In this article, we will examine the differences between cycling and walking and determine which one is better for your overall health and fitness.

The best way to get fit is by combining a little bit of cycling with a lot of walking. The combination of the two will get you fit and keep you fit. But, there are some things that you need to know about cycling and walking.

When does a baby roll or turn?

Each child is different and reaches the various stages of his motor development at different times. In short, it would not be correct to establish key moments in which the baby begins to make new movements because each child grows at different rates. When does a baby roll or turn? However, we can try to answer the question by trying to analyze the various stages of psychomotor development.

At what age does the baby turn on its side?

In most cases, babies are able to roll over, passing from the tummy-down position to the prone position, around 4 months, and at 6 months, almost everyone can. According to experts, if we realize that, at 6 months, the little one cannot roll or change position independently, it is good to consult the pediatrician to make sure that there is no delay in development. You can use the wood baby walker.

When does a baby roll or turn

How does a newborn roll?

The signs that the baby is learning to roll over and change positions are:

When he is in the prone position, he begins to lift his legs and kick them;

Arch your back when stretched out, lift your hips, and try to pull on your hips and legs.

Remember that at first, many babies can roll over by changing position involuntarily: they may get scared, but then they will begin to make more precise and voluntary movements.

The development stages of the first year

Let’s see briefly what are the various stages of motor development in the first year, underlining that slight delays do not necessarily mean that there is a problem:

  1. In the first month, the baby is attentive to lights and sounds and is able to turn his head towards a light source;
  2. In the second month, he can hint the first smiles at familiar faces, try to raise his head and follow people with his eyes;
  3. In the third month, she regularly emits sounds and noises. If she is in the supine position, she raises her head, holds hands and feet in her mouth and manages to hold objects in her hand;
  4. In the fourth month, a small revolution takes place: the child is very curious, smiles, emits screams and verses to attract attention, responds to stimuli, recognizes faces and familiar objects;
  5. At five months, the baby is able to sit up, hold his head and keep his back straight;
  6. At six months, he begins to stammer, manages to sit in a stable position and begins to eat baby food, expresses his emotions, grabs objects he loves to throw on the ground, is curious and puts everything in his mouth;
  7. At seven months, he can begin to crawl and make more precise sounds ( barking ), he expresses his tastes well and tries to move, roll and browse around the house;
  8. At eight months, he stands on his legs if he leans on the sofa or on his mother’s legs, passes easily from the supine to the prone position (and this is where he perfects his ability to roll on himself);
  9. At nine months old, she cries if her mother goes away, manages to get up if she has support, greets, claps her hands;
  10. At ten months, he can get up on his own, he crawls, he is curious, someone takes his first steps and says mom and dad, he learns to drink from the glass and eats alone;
  11. At eleven months, he walks holding his hand;

At one year of age, many babies are already walking alone. Others are still crawling. They are very curious, repeat words, understand questions, and express feelings, tastes and emotions.

Motor skills of the newborn in the first year of life

In the first year of life, the growth of the child is really explosive: it goes from being able to just lie down and simply open the eyes to being completely autonomous in the movements. Gradually the child begins to hone his skills: he can turn his head, keep it upright, roll on his side to go from the supine to the prone position and vice versa, he begins to crawl, crawl and finally take his first steps, at first supporting himself on a support or on the hand of his mother and then alone.

How do you teach the baby to roll or turn on its side?

To help our baby learn to roll over, it is important to put him on his stomach regularly every day. This exercise, commonly called tummy time (which means “Tummy time”), helps strengthen the leg muscles, promotes the development of motor skills such as rolling, helps him reach and grab his favorite toys placed close to him. , relying on his legs, and eventually stimulates him to crawl well. Of course, it shouldn’t be abandoned on a carpet, but we have to talk to him, interact, play, and sing.

How many months does the newborn turn over if called?

Around 4 months, the baby begins to recognize your family members and turns around if he hears a sound, the voice of his mother or if he hears her name.

What if, even at 10 months, he doesn’t turn around if he is called? Remember that children who are absorbed in their activities or games can become completely estranged: it’s not that they don’t hear. It’s that they don’t want to get distracted and are very focused on their activities.

Of course, if you notice that something is wrong (for example, the child does not seem to be able to hear sounds, does not react to an unexpected noise, does not stammer or begins to say the first words), it is important to consult the pediatrician.

What to do if the baby rolls on his stomach in his sleep?

It is now well known for babies to be put to sleep on their backs: this position prevents sids and sudden infant death. But what if he has a habit of turning over in his sleep? We can try to limit his space by putting him in a supine position (therefore lying on his back) next to the edge of the bed.

Questions and answers

When do babies start turning around?

On average, babies begin to turn on their sides from 4-5 months. By leveraging one foot, they arch their back while holding their head in an upright position and are able to roll over.

How do babies start sitting up?

The newborn starts sitting around 5-6 months. It is in this phase that weaning can also begin, which requires the ability to sit on the high chair while keeping the head erect.

How not to turn a baby around in the cot?

You can try placing two cushions near the sides of the bed. If we see that the baby is able to turn from back to belly and vice versa with ease, we can leave him alone, but if he has not yet acquired this skill, it is better to turn him over on his back.

In conclusion, when does a baby roll or turn? You can answer this question by looking at the different ways a baby moves and comparing them with the way an adult does. If you look closely, you will notice that the infant has three distinct phases in its movement: rolling, turning, and pushing. Rolling is the first movement that babies learn to do. They start out on their backs and use their arms and legs to move themselves from side to side. As they get older, they begin to roll over. The next phase is when they begin to turn. Once they have mastered the rolling and turning phases, they begin to push themselves along with their hands and feet. This is called crawling. The final phase is when they learn to walk.

9 Tips for a fantastic trip to the USA and everything you need to know

After the coronavirus, the desire to return to planning wonderful trips is the best and fastest way to reconnect to the world

After the coronavirus, the desire to return to planning wonderful trips is the best and fastest way to reconnect to the world. At the moment, strict restrictions on movement and travel around the world are still in place, however, the situation is constantly changing and we expect it will continue to improve. Therefore we try to hold back our desire to travel a little longer but not by canceling the project but only by postponing it a little longer and perhaps by booking in advance, for example, our trip to the United States. While waiting for the situation to continue to improve, here are 9 tips to plan our fantastic trip to the USA.

How to organize a trip to the United States?

Organizing such a trip alone is not an insurmountable thing, in fact, thanks to the network we have access to an impressive amount of data and information so that we can plan our trip in detail.

What are the steps to plan a trip to the USA?

Here are 9 tips to easily organize our trip to the United States and apply for this :

  • Be in possession of a valid passport
  • Having obtained the USA ESTA
  • Establish a travel itinerary
  • Take out travel insurance
  • Book airline tickets in advance
  • If you are traveling independently, always rent your car, camper, or motorbike in advance
  • For each state we will go to, we need to book hotels or campsites
  • Plan your trip to get a detailed daily schedule
  • Make preparations for your trip and make sure you have it all

How do you get the ESTA?

In addition to the passport, every person (including children) must obtain a travel authorization to the United States (ESTA). The ESTA is a mandatory document to enter the American territory. This request must be made online with the United States Department of Homeland Security. If you can’t – or don’t want to – take advantage of the ESTA, you can also opt for a USA visa. Remember that if you are planning a layover in Canada, you will need to submit a similar request to the Canadian government. Now before embarking on a trip to the USA you will have to wait for the Covid-19 problem to be completely resolved and once it is eradicated, you will need to update yourself to know if in the last few months the ESTA application has undergone many updates.

Creating general planning for our trip is a must!

The first thing to do to plan our vacation in the USA is to outline a general profile of our stay, taking into account some variables: duration, period, participants, and states to visit. This step will go pretty quickly for a stay in New York or Florida for example. It will be much longer if our project also includes a trip to the American West, in fact, we will have to determine a city of arrival, a city of return, and a reliable route according to our plans.

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American lifestyle: uses, customs, and habits to orient yourself in the USA

Usually, when preparing your holidays in the United States, you take care of everything you need: booking flights, hotels, expatriate documents, car rental (if we do an on the road), and much more.

However, among the thousands of preparations, one factor that can make the difference is often overlooked: how well do we know our destination? How is life in the USA? What are the customs, traditions, unwritten rules, habits, and lifestyles that characterize this fascinating overseas land?

Knowing the  American way of life will help us to orient ourselves right away, facilitating our relations with local institutions and citizens, avoiding big wastes of time and some bad figures. Here are some tips:

Rules of conduct of the American way of life

Here are some things to watch out for:

  • Mancha: the United States will always give a tip, at least you do not want to do an affront to the waiter, or that his work was really poor (which personally I never happened). Tipping is part of the salary of the waiters, who receive a rather meager fixed amount. How much to tip? From 15% to 20% to waiters and taxi drivers. If you only get a drink at the counter, give at least $ 1 per spin. Give porters at least $ 2 per suitcase. If you want some specific advice, read our article on how to tip in the USA
  • Do not photograph passers-by without permission: it has happened to me more than once to be stopped by a passer-by with a camera in hand who asked me: “You accidentally ended up in one of my photos, do you want me to delete it?” This is because Americans don’t like to end up in photos of strangers without giving their consent.
  • Relationship with alcohol: since the days of Prohibition, Americans have at least had a particular relationship with alcoholic beverages, and still today it is a big problem especially for young people. Alcoholic beverages are only sold to adults over the age of 21 with documentary proof. It is also not a good idea to walk the streets with a beer in hand like at our village festivals. The drink must be enclosed in a wrapper.

The American welcome

American welcome USALet’s say you are on the street with a map in your hand, intent on figuring out which is the right way to the place you are looking for … it won’t be long before someone approaches you and asks you: “Do you need help?” But it does not end here: if even after the detailed information received you continue to show an expression at least perplexed, do not worry, it is likely that the nice passer-by not only does not give up explaining the way but also decides to accompany you to the destination.

These have happened frequently during my travels in America; even once a lady mounted me in the car and took me home! In short, one of the most pleasant aspects of Americans is their welcome, simplicity, and ability not to make you feel like a stranger in their country. So if you get lost, you know how!

American cuisine: much more than it seems

It is often said that American cuisine is very heavy and based mainly on fast food. This is actually only partially true, in the United States you can really eat everything, and even good! Obviously, we need to look for the right places and not stop at the first place we meet.

In the USA you can enjoy good dishes of all kinds: they have excellent meat, delicious fish, gigantic but good salads. You will also find ethnic restaurants of all kinds (Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Greek, etc …) even if for the most part reworked according to local taste; if you take some information before choosing them, you will not be disappointed.

Depending on where you are you can try the regional cuisines typical of the various areas: for example, steaks and meats are characteristic of the cuisine of the Mid-West, while the fish is typical of Louisiana, Florida, Maryland, and New England. In California, refined and classy organic cuisine has long been established, which goes hand in hand with the quality of local food products.

In short, American cuisine is presented as rather varied, especially if we want to explore and research. How to find good restaurants? Two ways: ask for information around (as already said the Americans will not spare themselves), or consult guides and online resources (also on this site you will find many tips!). You will see that it will be a pleasant discovery …

Do you want to shop? Did you know that…

  1. The prices displayed are not inclusive of taxes, so what you are seeing is not the real price.
  2. Have you regretted buying a product? No problem! For many purchases, the goods can be returned (even if you have used them !!) and the money spent will be returned to you. Find out about the return conditions during the purchase phase.
  3. The real price is always the one displayed.  It may seem like a trivial statement but it is not. One evening I accompanied a friend to buy a vacuum cleaner. The department label said $ 100. Arriving at the checkout we discovered that the clerk had placed it wrong and that the real price was actually higher, but if the customer finds it at a given price, that becomes effective (plus taxes of course). Result: sold for $ 100! I swear to you, I’ve seen this scene happen before my eyes!
  4. Sizes for dresses and shoes. In America, the sizes are not the same as ours, and below you can take a look at the comparison table. However in many cases, at least to buy shoes, you won’t need them. In fact, in various shoe shops, you will find a series of footprint figures on the ground. Just compare them with yours to easily know your size. One last thing: in the USA the 40 (7.5) you will often find it among the shoes for boys.
  5. Electric sockets. Do you want to buy an electronic product? Know that you will need a gearbox to make it work in Italy. Power sockets in the United States are different from ours and this also applies to charging cell phones. So, before you leave, buy yourself a nice American adapter.

American coffee: drink to discover or flush?

American coffee in the USAThe coffee is a symbol of US citizens, as are the burgers. To us Italians, this large and hot mash usually does not arouse a really positive impression and I too confess to you that at the beginning I had my difficulties. In the United States, you can also easily find espresso. But it’s not exactly a delicacy: they do it with capsules, single (1 capsule), and double (2).

In reality, American coffee is, as a concept, a completely different drink from our coffee. It is in fact a companion drink, to carry around and sip for most of the day, in the car and at work. Furthermore, the cliche that it would be a sort of long-watered coffee must also be dispelled. This is absolutely not the case, on the contrary, you will easily find really excellent blends. Above all, it is a question of getting used to the new taste and indulging local habits (in short, if you want to try it, you have to take it with you!).

Warning: the American coffee is hot (if you want to drink it immediately, some cold milk will always be available). A 79-year-old lady even got nearly $ 3 million in compensation from McDonald’s for coffee burns! Don’t believe it? A documentary was also shot on this story. Here is the trailer:

America and movies: how far apart are they?

Many tourists who decide to visit the United States do so because in some way they are also fascinated by the imagery transmitted by the world of television and in particular Hollywood. The question is: how far is the world of cinema from reality? The answer is little or nothing. As soon as you arrive, you will be amazed at how faithfully the films reproduce American habits and life.

Transportation to America?

In major American cities, the subway works quite well. But if an area is not well covered by the subway you will have to use the bus, which is much less reliable. The time slots are often reported in a vague way and it can also happen that they are not strictly respected. Also remember that you must have the exact money for the ticket, otherwise no change!

The coach proves to be a better choice for extra-urban trips; Greyhound for example allows you to move between major cities at an affordable price. The train, on the other hand, is a more expensive transport, operated by various companies depending on the area. The most common is the Armtrack which basically covers all the most important areas.

For internal travel, of course, you can also consider the plane. To avoid hitchhiking: there are fewer and fewer states where it is legal to practice it and in any case. You never know who you can meet … if they catch you technically they can even throw you in the cell!

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