Hydromassage bathtubs and yoga: Total relaxation

Hydromassage bathtubs are a mechanism that, more than allowing you to take a bath, give you moments to relax, reduce stress and put aside negative thoughts.

But imagine that beyond a simple bath, you can carry out other types of activities that complement your time in the water and make you feel fully relaxed, as well as all peace of mind.

Well, you can do it and it’s fantastic. Surely you have heard, seen or even practiced the excellent physical activity originating in India: yoga. We suggest visiting laser hair removal in Manhattan.

This discipline encompasses the physical and mental fields and allows people to connect the body, breath and mind. How? Well, this practice includes the formation of different body postures and meditation and breathing exercises that achieve a completely calm physical and mental state.

So, doing this wonderful activity while you immerse yourself in a relaxing and aromatic bath in your Jacuzzi bathtub can be the perfect combination to end those busy and stressful days.

Does it seem like a crazy idea to do exercises in the bathtub at home? Well, no, the truth is that there are many sports activities that can be done perfectly in the water and yoga is one of them. In fact, it is quite comfortable and safe to practice inside your hydromassage bathtub regardless of its size and model. Visit the wax centers in midtown Manhattan to get the best care for waxing.

So enter the world of relaxation obtained between the mixture of yoga and a hydromassage Jacuzzi. Here, we leave you some ideal yoga exercises and positions to perform during your special baths.

But before mentioning some of the best and most practical exercises you can do, it is important that you know some benefits of doing yoga in your bathtub: it helps improve blood circulation, reduces muscle tension, pain and relieves the tension of the whole body in general. You just need your hydromassage bathtub, have warm water and start your relaxation session.

Most of these exercises are gentle and easy to do while sitting in your bathtub. In addition, it is recommended to do them gently and delicately to avoid any possible injury to the spine or neck.

Yoga exercises for hot tubs

  1. Neck stretch: take a towel and put it around your neck, then raise your head and use the towel to stretch your neck muscles.

2- Leg stretching: While you are sitting in the hot tub, raise your knees to your chest and keep them to stretch the tendons and muscles.

3- Neck extension: This movement consists of moving the head from bottom to top, looking straight at the ceiling. This movement should not be done quickly or forcefully, as it puts all the small joints in the back of the neck into an extreme position. Although this will not cause you any harm, it may increase your pain. As you perform this exercise, let your neck ease steadily as you go through the movement, leaving your neck still at the end of each position for a few seconds.

On the other hand, if you feel dizzy while doing this exercise, it’s best to stop, especially if you’re older, as it could indicate that the blood vessels in your neck are being squeezed by the position.

4- Outside rear stretch: Start by crossing your left leg over your right leg, keeping the left leg bent and the right leg straight. Then, turn your body to the left and hold the position for 5 seconds, then repeat to the right side and so on.

5- Posterior extension: put your arms out with your palms facing out with your fingers together and hold the position constant for 10 seconds. This is repeated 10 times.

6- Breathing exercises: Have yourself in your hydromassage bathtub, with warm water and even with a candle, essence or aromatic incense and begin to breathe deeply and deeply until you feel stress-free and more relaxed. Blanking your mind is one of the secrets to being as relaxed as possible and doing this activity successfully.

Other relaxation tips in hot tubs

In addition to the incredible practice of yoga, there are other methods that will help you relieve all the heavy loads and bad energy that you have in your body. You can use such tactics to reinforce your yoga exercises or to do them alone.

1- Aromatherapy: We already talked about placing an incense or aromatic candle, and through natural essences, there are endless benefits that will help you in your relaxation task. Try lavender essence and others of this style that are ideal to de-stress and feel refreshed and ready for a few hours of quality sleep.

2- Meditation: Meditating is an activity that requires a lot of concentration, not everyone finds it easy at first, but you can try it during your hydromassage baths. Look for the simplest methods to do it and consult a specialist on the subject to start meditation sessions that will undoubtedly make you enjoy your relaxing bath to the fullest.

3- Music: Music is essential in many processes to find calm and relieve stress. Choose a soft musical selection with harmonious melodies and that produce peace and tranquility. You can try classical or instrumental music.

These are just some exercises, postures and tips that you can do to complement and enhance the effects that a good hydromassage session can give you.

The important thing is to find a bathtub model in which you feel comfortable and that allows you to perform each of your exercises in the best way and offers you effects that you can take 100% advantage of.

And remember, there is no work problem or physical or mental discomfort that you cannot improve with a relaxing session in the hot tubs, at least to optimize your well-being, and if we also add the practice of yoga to the formula, the result obtained will be very comforting. Finally, we recommended Waxing studio Manhattan and the Best facial for acne in Manhattan to know more details.