Nine colors to paint small apartments

Small apartments can be much more comfortable and elegant if you know how to enhance them: below we will show you several colors that, placed in the correct rooms, will visually expand the space and add “meters”. And we are not just talking about the typical white color! Believe it or not, the dark ones are also good allies in some situations…

White is the best color to enlarge a space, but it is not the only one. Do you want to see the others? Most will surprise you!

The best colors to paint small flats

White, beige, light grey… We have the most luminous and decorative colors, perfect for making a small apartment grow. Timeless, warm, or current tones.  With them, you will not fail!

Whites, The Winning Bet

Know how to paint small apartments

White colors create a luminous effect and can reflect up to 96% of the light. Thanks to that reflection, a white room looks bigger. But there are many whites. Our advice? Look for the color taking into account if your house is dark or light. If it’s dark, choose a warm white with red or yellow undertones. If it is luminous, it can be white with blue or grayish tinges.

Cooler colors make the walls “recede” and the room looks larger. The Bruguera store offers more than 160 white references! This more grayish shade is Jotun’s Reflection Shade 1622.

Ecru And Gray, They Add Warmth

The colors that we usually call raw, or bone, are white tones that do not go out of style: they reflect the light and make it very warm and pleasant. Cream, vanilla, sand, or beige fall into this category and add extra style to a small flat. The gray color of this bedroom is the soft stone color or color 1024 Timeless by Jotun.

Light Gray, A Good Wildcard

If you are looking for sophisticated air, as well as light and warmth, light gray is a perfect proposal: a good base to play with other colors and give prominence to furniture, textiles, or paintings. The color of the wall in this room is agate gray, and the reference is Jotun’s 1911 Platinum.

Among A Wide Range Of Grays, Which One To Choose?

One of our favorites is Jotun’s 9904 Twilight, a soft, classic gray that nonetheless adds personality. The one in this room, however, is the desert sand color and the reference is COF478 by Montó Pinturas.

Dusty Tones, A Sophisticated Air

Without falling into too intense tones, greens, blues, pinks or even dusty grays are a sophisticated, attractive, and modern proposal that is now very popular.

The green color is a cold color and therefore gives depth. In its less saturated tones, it makes a room appear larger. It brings freshness and puts a natural touch on your home. The painting of this study is the olive green color that remains the same. The reference is Bruguer’s shade M3 1838.

Relaxing Blue For The Bathroom

The blue color has a sedative effect that conveys a sense of calm. It looks good in bedrooms and bathrooms, as it promotes relaxation! This is the greyish blue tone COF 524 from Montó Pinturas.

A Bedroom In Salmon Pink

The pink color will help you expand the space with subtlety and is warm. It is ideal in romantic bedrooms! We offer you the Montó Pinturas brand, which is an expert in finding the right shades. We like their COF 403 pink and COF 423 green, and the pictured color COF 408 salmon pink.

Dark, Only In Intense Touches

Dare yourself! Do you want a change of look or modernize a room? Dark colors, although they may be paradoxical, are a way of expanding spaces, because they achieve an effect of depth.

Cold Tones: In The Right Measure

The secret is to apply them to a single wall! This way you will not overload the stay. Very important: that the painting is in a cold and dull color, such as blues or grays, because very bright colors dwarf. Paint your wainscot darker and you will succeed! Reference: pearl gray color 9904 from Jotun.

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