Tips to decorate your house with very good taste

Do you think you have succeeded with the decoration of your home? In this guide, we tell you the basic keys so that your house is always beautiful.

Our personal tastes should be reflected in the decoration. The colors, formats, and designs must be to our liking. In this way, we will be more proud of the house and we will be able to show it off. It is important to know some tricks with which to improve the image of the interiors. Therefore, we present a series of tips to decorate your home with very good taste.

There are multiple ways to work the interiors, but we must be right in the choice of resources. It is not a matter of choosing them randomly; Therefore, we recommend that you analyze the current situation of each room, apply colors according to your personality, and choose the appropriate decorative elements to make the whole look more beautiful and elegant.

An Ace Up The Sleeve: Simplicity

House decoration tips

It is easier to get the decoration right when the basic furniture pieces with simple designs. In the case of the living room, pay attention to the sofa, the coffee table, or the sideboard.

  1. A sofa with plain upholstery is more appreciated than a patterned one since you can choose the cushions without fear that the motifs will not fit together.
  2. A sofa with light upholstery offers more possibilities than one with a striking color (pink, orange, green…) since you can add an armchair or a rug in an intense tone to your living room without asking yourself: will it match? The least problematic color for the sofa, without a doubt, is white, followed by light grey.
  3. A sideboard or a tableDiscreet centerpieces – with simple lines – will leave you free to add furniture of any style in the future without having to change the entire decoration. The safe bets: furniture without decorations, with basic designs. What finishes are easier to combine? The white color and light woods, such as oak or beech.

Look For The Light

A dark room seems smaller. In addition, the lack of light makes even details in vivid tones appear dull and sad. Even if you don’t have a floor-to-ceiling window, there are tricks to making a room feel brighter with open spaces.

  1. Paint the ceiling and at least three walls white: they reflect natural light and multiply it.
  2. Dress the window with a white curtain or blind. The idea is that they nuance the luminosity, not that they cut it off.
  3. If the floor is dark, look for light rugs that illuminate it. If they have texture (wool, long hair, fibers…), you will make the environment, as well as bright, cozy and warm.

Simplicity And Light

Simplicity also has charm. In this room, a series of pieces of furniture have been chosen that, basically, fit together very well and create a pleasant atmosphere that favors rest. The simple fact of choosing a chaise longue sofa guarantees well-being and comfort. It is a success, but it is also important to study luminosity. The more hours of natural light that are used, the greater economic savings and better quality of life.

Analyze Centimeter By Centimeter

When we imagine how to decorate a room, we tend to think “here I’ll put the sofa, there, the dining table…” But visual space is not the same as real space. Before buying any furniture, approach the walls and look at them carefully.

  1. Is there any radiator? Then you will not be able to place the sofa or the sideboard since they will be far from the wall. Any furniture should start right next to the radiator.
  2. Where is the input for the telephone or the TV antenna? Its presence will condition the distribution since your television (and the piece of furniture on which you plan to place it) should be next to the antenna socket. But do not despair: if you do not like where it is located, you can always move it.
  3. Do you have any setbacks,no matter how small, or does a pillar protrude slightly? Any irregularity in the wall will prevent you from attaching a bookcase to it, since the space that will be left behind is very unsightly. The solution? Rethink the distribution again or order custom furniture.

Trends, In Moderation

We all like to have our home in style, but… do you really want to change your sofa or dining table every few minutes? To avoid this, limit “trendy” décor to accessories that can be replaced without altering key pieces of décor.

The best candidates to have a fashionable house without headaches (or pockets) are vases, cushions, and wall decoration: paintings, letters, garlands, fake trophies… Vases, by Lou & Hernández. Ant, bird, and a wooden tray, from EastWest.

Inside Plants

It is true that plants generate well-being and oxygenate space. Through them, you can refresh the environment and convey a sense of hope thanks to the green color. But, in turn, they contribute positively to the decoration. This can be seen in indoor plants, since they occupy certain corners that, on the contrary, would have been left soulless. Don’t miss the full house here.

Shelves To Organize The Home

An important factor to keep in mind is order. For this reason, it is recommended to bet on furniture that contributes to internal organization. The shelves are a fundamental part of the decoration and help all the resources to be in their place and, on the other hand, offer a dynamic and pleasant image of the interiors. In this case, a simple wooden one has been chosen for a reading corner.

Search For Diaphanousness

The spaces must breathe and, for this, it is recommended not to recharge and look for diaphanous environments. The objective is that there is enough space to wander and, on the other hand, that we have the necessary surface to place our favorite furniture. Only in this way will we feel greater freedom and openness, something essential for mental health. The Redoute.

The Papers, One By One

The wallpaper creates a feeling of intimacy that translates into a cozy atmosphere. But unless the space is very large, a fully wallpapered room runs the risk of appearing cluttered. Measure out the paper and limit it to a single wall: the surprise effect will be very decorative and you will be able to give a sense of depth to the wall on which you place it.

Bet On Innovative Colors

Instead of resorting to the typical neutral tones to paint the walls, why not go to other shades that are more innovative? In this case, the chosen blue looks great in the room. It contrasts with the wood but without clashing. The idea is that you choose the colors that you like the most.

Avoid unnecessary risks and put aside stereotypes. The goal is for you to feel comfortable in your home and enjoy an environment that fits your personality.

Test Before You Hang Up

Wall decoration is somewhat more complex than it seems. When you combine several paintings or photographs, it is important that they maintain a balance between them so that the composition is harmonic. So that you don’t regret it or fill the wall with useless holes, the trick is to place the pictures on the floor and try all the compositions until you find the one you like best. When you move it to the wall, you will do it with a shot.

Decorate The Walls

In addition to painting the walls, we can also decorate them with resources that are attractive and attract attention. A particular case is the mirrors, whether they are for the living room or for the bathroom. They are a success in any environment and, in turn, fulfill a function. Therefore, do not leave empty and bare surfaces, it is time to take a step forward and choose decorative products that are original.

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